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"Great Lakes Builders replaced structurally unsound brick foundation walls in our early 1900''s home. They completed the work on schedule and on budget. After the structural work was complete, Great Lakes Builders finished our basement. They were wonderful about helping us..."

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Structural Solutions

Integrating Old World Craftsmanship with Modern Building Materials and Techniques

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Great Lakes Builders, Inc., an Accredited BBB company has been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau under its new Letter-Grade (A+ Thru F) Rating System.
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Strip Mall Remediation

Structural remediation of 125 ft. canopy, including:

  • Installed steel beams and columns under canopy
  • Set columns in steel reinforced concrete footings
  • Removed roof over canopy
  • Installed new framing for roofing system to securely attach canopy to building''s superstructure
  • Installed new modified bitumen roof
  • Wrapped steel columns with brick
  • Wrapped beam line with EIFS stucco
Strip Mall Canopy Remediation
Foundation Replacement

Replaced deteriorating bowed foundation with new steel reinforced foundation, including:

  • Shored existing floors and walls of house
  • Removed old deteriorated foundation and footings
  • Installed new steel reinforced footings
  • Installed new steel reinforced concrete block walls
  • Attached new foundation to house''s superstructure
  • Removed shoring
  • Installed new siding
200 fdn replace1
Foundation Replacement
Beam and Column Replacement

Replaced deteriorated wood beams and columns with steel, including:

  • Shored floor joists over basement
  • Removed old wooden beams and columns
  • Jacked flooring to level position
  • Installed beams and columns
  • Set columns in steel reinforced concrete footings
  • Removed shoring and jacking equipment
Beam and Column Replacement
Basement Dig-out for Club Expansion

Doubled usable space at a club in Bucktown via a basement dig-out, converting non-usable space in low clearance basement into space for bar and overall club expansion. Work included:

  • Dug out basement
  • Installed new drainage system
  • Poured new 10" double steel reinforced structural concrete slab
  • Poured new steel reinforced structural concrete retaining walls along basement perimeter
Basement Dig-out