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"Great Lakes Builders replaced structurally unsound brick foundation walls in our early 1900''s home. They completed the work on schedule and on budget. After the structural work was complete, Great Lakes Builders finished our basement. They were wonderful about helping us..."

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Great Lakes Builders
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Great Lakes Builders, Inc., an Accredited BBB company has been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau under its new Letter-Grade (A+ Thru F) Rating System.


Post Oak Property Management


Location Racine Ave, Chicago




Deflecting/bowing beams and deteriorated wooden columns. 




The deflecting wooden beams and deteriorated wooden columns created an unsafe condition and sagging and sloping floors in the 3 units above the basement.





Replaced failing beams, columns and footings in the basement of a 3-unit apartment building. Temporary shoring and jacking equipment was installed to support the structure while the old structural members were being replaced. The jacking equipment was used to incrementally jack up the floor joists at the beam location to a level position. Once the level position was achieved, new steel beams and columns were installed with the columns set in steel reinforced concrete footings. Any electrical, HVAC and gas lines attached to the existing structural members being replaced were removed and reinstalled once the new columns and beams were permanently installed.